$3,200 stolen in golf club burglary

Authorities are searching for whoever is responsible for breaking into Devil’s Ridge Golf Club, located at 3700 Metamora Rd. in Oxford Township, and stealing more than $3,000 in cash and checks.

The employee who closes and opens Devil’s Ridge’s clubhouse called Oakland County Sheriff’s deputies and reported the incident after showing his manager the scene on the morning of Sept. 14.

It appears the burglary took place in the clubhouse during either the evening of Thursday, Sept. 13 or the early morning hours the next day.

According to the sheriff’s report, when the employee entered the clubhouse on the morning Sept. 14, he noticed the alarm wasn’t beeping as usual. When he went to check it, he saw the keypad had been ripped from the wall.

Deputies came to investigate and, according to the incident report, observed alarm boxes were ripped from the wall, the rear door to the pro shop was forced open, three registers had been pried open, two interior doors had been forced open, phone and power lines were cut, all computer and electronics equipment in the manager’s officer had been damaged and an alarm box on the cart barn had been ripped from the building.

Deputies also observed three cut marks on the safe in the general manager’s office. One of those cuts had gone all the way through to the inside the safe, the report stated.

It was determined that an estimated $750 in cash and an estimated $2,510 in assorted personal checks were stolen. Also taken was a large public announcement speaker system.

The incident remains under investigation.

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