ALICE training reaches students

After a semester full of Oxford Schools’ staff and administration being given active-shooter readiness training through the ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform Counter and Evacuate) program, the training has finally reached the majority of the student body.

Sam Barna, assistant superintendent of business and operations, informed the board of education at its Nov. 27 meeting that elementary and high school students have received ALICE training. Middle school students are expected to receive it in January.

The week of Nov. 12, students at the elementary schools were given the training through a storybook-esque presentation, which the district gave in the hopes of presenting sensitive and scary information in an age-appropriate way. The elementary schools also have “enhanced lockdown procedures” as of last month.

High school students were given the training the week of Nov. 12 as well during their seventh hour classes.

Even though the vast majority of the district is now prepared for an active-shooter situation, Barna said this semester’s trainings won’t be the end of ALICE’s presence in Oxford.

“This is ongoing training,” he said. “So if we’ve missed individuals, and I know we have, this is not a one and done. It’s obviously something we’re incorporating in the district and we’ll be continuing this training moving forward.”

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