High school evacuated

A suspected natural gas leak that caused the evacuation of Oxford High School Monday morning turned out to be just some sewer odor. The school’s 1,226 students were immediately evacuated shortly after 9 a.m. following what was thought to be the smell of natural gas reported in Room 503, the marketing classroom of teacher Steve […]

FISH step closer to new home

Oxford/Orion FISH appears to be one step closer to obtaining the old fire hall as the new home for its food pantry and proposed resale store. The local charity group brought its request to utilize the vacant building off W. Burdick St. before the Oxford Public Fire and EMS Commission Nov. 17. Although OPFEC took […]

My Way

DISCLAIMER: The following fairy tale is purely fictional, but somewhat loosely-based on the facts, which may or may not be true depending on your point of view. Any resemblance to persons or public officials living or dead is intentional to the extent we all know whom the author is really talking about. Enjoy! Once upon […]

Custom printing studio opens in downtown Oxford

Well-crafted invitations set the tone for important events. From paper stock to printing style, the invitation provides potential guests with a first impression of what’s to come. Downtown Oxford’s newest business, The Ink & Paper Invitation Studio, wants to help its customers give the right impression. Owned by Oxford resident Tonya Panchula and Angela Mclean, […]

4th of July fire ravages Sebek home

A summer day marked by celebrations ended in tragedy for Oxford homeowner Charlie Owings, whose residence on Sebek Blvd. was ravaged by flames on the Fourth of July. ‘I’m devastated. I lost everything,? she said. ‘It just gets worse everyday because I keep realizing all the stuff that’s gone.? Oxford firefighters were called to the […]

Korean items auctioned in Oxford subject of investigation

Artifacts that may have been illegally removed from an Asian palace 59 years ago and sold at Midwest Auction Galleries in Oxford Township just three months ago are the subject of a joint investigation by the United States and South Korean governments. ‘This is definitely a first for me,? said Jim Amato, who owns the […]

Horse farm owner exemplifies selflessness

From raising money to help those in need to educating local school children, Jeanne Tuzik, owner of Oak Pointe Stables on Hosner Rd. in Addison Township, is constantly touching the lives of others. ‘We just try to reach out to the community in whatever way we can,? said Tuzik, who lives in Lake Orion. ‘I […]

Community garden helps youngsters grow

There’s something wonderful growing in Oxford Village’s Scripter Park. It’s a combination of fresh produce, burgeoning parent-child relations and young people learning to appreciate the fruits of their labor. This summer Oxford-Addison Youth Assistance (OAYA) is continuing to help cultivate the next generation with its Children’s Community Garden on S. Glaspie St. Approximately 30 kids […]

Eisenhardts named Grand Marshals of Strawberry Festival

When you live in a small town, there are certain titles reserved for those who have dedicated their lives to serving their community. Being named Grand Marshal of the Leonard Strawberry Festival Parade is one of those coveted titles. This year’s July 17 parade has two Grand Marshals ? Glenn and Pat Eisenhardt. ‘It was […]

OAYA needs $3K to send kids to summer camp

For many kids, attending summer camp is simply a fun, annual ritual that will one day live on in fond memories and dusty scrapbooks. But for some kids, going to camp is a chance to turn their lives around, engage in self-improvement, find out what they’re good at and feel better about themselves and their […]