Council wants neighbor to pay for $1,445 mistake

It appears an Oxford Village homeowner who was paying property taxes on land she no longer owned for a number of years is going to be reimbursed. However, the money’s not going to come from the village government’s coffers. It’s going to come from the folks who now own the land that was split off […]

Watch out for trail vandals

Most people use the Polly Ann Trail for productive activities such as walking, jogging, biking and horseback riding. But it appears there are a deviant few who are using the 14.2 mile trail as an outlet for their desire to destroy and deface public property. PAT Manager Troy Farwell wants to put a stop to […]

Council restricts left turns at Dennison, Stanton streets

Motorists accustomed to making left turns in downtown Oxford are facing some new restrictions. Last week, the village council voted 4-0 to approve a traffic control order making the intersections of Dennison St./M-24 and Stanton St./M-24 right-turn-only areas Monday through Friday from 3-7 p.m. ‘I think it’s a positive thing to help cut down on […]

Cheaper trash rates, rewards for recycling

Soon, Oxford Village residents will have the best of both worlds ? a cheaper monthly garbage bill and rewards based on how often they recycle. It’s all thanks to the village’s new three-year waste collection and disposal contract with the Flint-based Richfield Equities, LLC. Council last week formally approved the contract along with the new […]

Oxford Beautification awards presented

Six residences and three commercial properties were honored last night at the 12th Annual Village of Oxford Beautification Awards Program. The residents and business owners pictured above were recognized for maintaining, enhancing and beautifying their respective properties, which in turn contributes to improving the village’s overall appearance and aesthetic appeal. ‘Thanks again for making our […]

Xerris denied garage, meeting tape

After 37 years of paying his property taxes and trying to be a good neighbor to those around him, John Xerri feels Oxford Township has failed him and ultimately violated his rights. ‘You people got me,? Xerri told officials at the Sept. 22 township board meeting. ‘I’m dead in the water.? Xerri, who resides at […]

Meet Addison’s blacksmith

There’s a hard-working, yet beautiful secret hiding among the dirt roads and vast expanses of trees in Addison Township ? The White Horse Forge owned by Dr. Robert Becker. Dr. Becker, a well-known equine veterinarian in Addison, has been blacksmithing since 1981. He became fascinated with the skill during a trip to Greenfield Village. ‘I […]

Architect sought for new twp. hall

The search for an architect to design the new Oxford Township hall is underway. Township officials voted unanimously Monday night to direct the Building and Site Committee to move forward with the selection process for hiring an architect to design a new township hall, which could be anywhere from 13,500 to 21,000 square feet based […]

My Way

Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ gave us the commandment to ‘Love thy neighbor.? Two thousand years later, government tells us ‘To hell with thy neighbor.? Government’s seemingly endless capacity to give the shaft to decent, hard-working, taxpaying citizens never ceases to astound or sicken me. In 1999, I saw Oxford Township give the shaft […]