Of fifth-graders, height, perception and bacon

Editor’s Note: This Jottings is a reprint from March 14, 2007. Enjoy. Are you ready to admit you are not as smart as a fifth-grader? If you haven’t admitted it yet, perhaps you have missed the tv show, “Are you smarter than a fifth grader?” Thursday nights, primetime. I had it brought home to me […]

We need loving teachers, common sense

‘Tis the season for teachers (commentaries to follow). Boards and administrators should hire teachers who love teaching. And, while I am at it, the best teachers don’t just push students to learn, they get them through transformation and awakening, They make us better people. * * * All talkers know listeners can’t wait until you […]

Jottin’ about advertisin’, charity

Some Comments about Advertising . . .“Licensed sales agents.” Yes, most can now drive .Medicare vs. Humana. Duh?When a company like AARP deliberately aims itself toward aged, retired people do you get the idea if you are aged or retired that you are targeted?Humana advertising is no different in their goals than lawyers, bedding companies […]