Board OKs changes to sex ed.

Oxford Schools’ recently proposed changes to the district’s sexuality and reproduction curriculum were approved with a 4-1 vote at a June 27 board meeting.

President Dan D’Alessandro and Vice President Joyce Brasington were both absent from the meeting.

Trustee Heather Shafer cast the lone dissenting vote.

While Trustee Tom Donnelly ultimately gave a vote of approval, he first issued a statement.

“I’ve watched for decades the public school system being asked to do more and more of what parents are called on to do. You only have them (for) so many hours, and there (are) certain (things) that (are) just not our job,” Donnelly said. “The state makes it our job, which frustrates me, but I long for the day when all we do is educate our kids and we expect our society, our community, our families, to raise their children.”

Among the approved changes, sections which cover LGBTQ-plus definitions, along with a lesson on genderbread – an infographic that breaks down gender identity, gender expression, biological sex and sexual orientation – will be added to the high school curriculum in the coming school year.

In seventh grade, changes to the curriculum will include the addition of sections on gender identity, sexual orientation and gender stereotypes/equality.

At the fifth-grade level, aging class materials and videos will be updated to reflect current statistics during lessons on puberty.


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  1. thomas schulert   July 8, 2017 at 10:57 am

    The boards decision (on LGBTQ) is typical in this age of nonsense, political correctness, ETC., … appeasing (granting concessions, often at the expense of principle). to a very small group of people. i dont know if any pressure was put on the board in making this decision, maybe none, but i, along with many other residents, am a bit disappointed in going down this road … it usually leads to more nonsense … LGBTQ people are free to live their lives in this country, and there is also enough of their cause pounded into our (and our children’s) heads constantly, to the point where we dont need to also teach it in school.


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