Move proposed cell tower to ‘a more fitting location’

I have read the article about the proposal to place Verizon cellular tower in Addison Township near Hosner and Oakwood roads. I would like to ask our communities help and support in moving this to a more fitting location. The site they have proposed is very risky and a poor fit for what they, Verizon, […]

Post-election observations

What has become of our country? Everyone has the right to protest as long as they don’t interfere with the rights of others but never have I seen such hatred and vitriol from people who are supposed to be so tolerant and peace-loving (well, as long as you don’t disagree with them). I’m talking about […]

Criticism for proposed rental registration

Oxford Village Council is looking to require landlords to register their rental properties. They say they need to keep track of where rentals are and how many there are. Why? Not all landlords are following the rules. The fire chief says that he wants to know where every rental is– why? Will the fire department […]

Thanks for the help

I would like to thank the three wonderful people (from the Oxford area) who came to my aid after my car caught fire on Oct. 22. As I was driving south on M-24 near Oakwood, the couple driving behind me and the Sheriff’s deputy who was driving a canine unit vehicle all three stayed with […]

‘Yes’ for schools, parks

In writing this letter, I want to be clear that the comments within are my personal opinions based upon the experiences myself and my children have had in Oxford. In no way am I speaking on behalf of the Oxford school board, district, or its members/employees. When I moved to Oxford with my family in […]

Vote ‘no’ on parks

Who does not remember the Blue Turf Fiasco? It was only a few years ago. The voters were asked to pay for artificial turf. The voters turned it down, not just once, but twice. I will not waste time on why blue turf was not needed. The important thing is that voters voted NO! TWICE! […]

Voters, consider these things

I’d like to share with you some thoughts and ideas with the hope that I can entice you to take the few minutes to go and vote and give these people, that includes me, a silent scream that you had enough, and you will be heard!!! The basis of my campaign, which got me started […]