Council extends Fisher’s contract a third time

Addison Township’s elected treasurer will continue her part-time gig working for Oxford Village.

Last week, council voted 3-1 to extend Lori Fisher’s independent contractor agreement for 60 days.

Councilwoman Maureen Helmuth cast the lone dissenting vote, while Councilman Erik Dolan was absent.

Under the terms of the three-page agreement, Fisher, who has been working for the village since Aug. 28, is to be paid $49.50 per hour (no fringe benefits) to perform the functions and duties of the municipal treasurer, maintain the general ledger and handle payroll and accounting services.

Her time is “not to exceed 20 hours per work week,” the contract states.

According to village Manager Joseph Madore, as of March 2, Fisher had earned a total of $22,711.

Madore noted Fisher “lowered her contractor rate” from $49.50 to $43 per hour as of Dec. 18.

This is the third time council has voted to extend Fisher’s contract.

It was originally set to expire on Nov. 14, then council voted Nov. 7 to extend it to Dec. 15.

At the Dec. 12 meeting, council voted to extend it again to March 1 with the idea that Madore would make a recommendation regarding Fisher’s future relationship with the village “on or before” the Feb. 27 meeting.

Madore, who’s been on the job since Dec. 18, explained to council there’s a lot going on right now and he’s still finding his way around.

“I’m learning more every day, trying to get the lay of the land, who knows what and who’s where,” he said.

Given this, Madore indicated he’s not yet ready to make any definite staffing recommendations, so he recommended extending Fisher’s contract “as is” for another 60 days.

Fisher is doing a number of things normally handled by the clerk/treasurer, a full-time position that’s been vacant since last June when Susan Nassar retired.

Madore noted the village is saving “a pretty good chunk” of money by continuing to contract with Fisher on a part-time basis as opposed to what was previously budgeted and paid out in wages and benefits for a full-time clerk/treasurer.

“But it’s still not a long-term plan,” he admitted to council.

Fisher’s served as Addison’s elected treasurer, a part-time position, since 2012. Her annual base salary there is $35,248.


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