Icers fall to Farmington

An undermanned Oxford-Avondale United (OA) hockey squad traveled to take on Farmington United on Nov. 21 hoping to keep up with their season goal of staying competitive.

OA, already with a short roster, had even less boys with the holiday break looming. Farmington, however, had a full roster full of seniors. The game went 8-0 in Farmington’s favor, but the game ended as an experience-giver to two of OA’s goalies.

Farmington dictated play from the start, putting 24 shots on senior goalie Aaron Angelo in the first period and scoring twice.  If not for the massive number of saves by Angelo, the game could have ended in a mercy within just a few minutes.

In the first period, OA could not generate momentum on the offensive end and put just one shot on goal, ending the period with Farmington leading 2-0.

Going into the second period, Farmington continued the aggressive offense and attacked Angelo with 25 shots on goal. Angelo made save after save, but was not able to stop three goals from hitting the back of the net. OA was able to get a few shots on goal, but their efforts were to no avail. Farmington took a 5-0 lead going into the final period.

In the third period, sophomore goalie Austin Spivey took the ice.  Farmington did not slow down and attacked the goal right from the drop of the puck.  Farmington was able to put 19 shots on goal in the first 12 minutes of the period, scoring three times and ending the game with a mercy.

This game puts OA 1-2 overall. The boys will take on Royal Oak Dec. 1 and Fenton Dec. 5.

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