Juggler entertains, motivates Crossroads kids

Breaking up the routine of their day-to-day, a juggler and professional speaker came to speak with Crossroads for Youth kids on Tuesday, Nov. 20.

The juggling and audience participation had the kids and teens laughing and smiling throughout the hour presentation titled “Juggle to Success.”

“Do you understand the difference between ‘I can’ and ‘I know how?’” Larry Hochman, the presenter, said to the kids. “My kids are grown, and when my daughter was little, if you wanted to get (disciplined) in my house, all you had to do was say ‘I can’t.’”

Hochman’s talk revolved around the idea that people should never say they can’t do something. When the room full of kids told him they couldn’t juggle, he said they were wrong. They could juggle, they just needed to learn how.

To prove this, he brought two kids and one staff member up front to give juggling a try in five steps. Sure enough, they all did at least one rotation. One of the kids even got it on her first try. That one student later came up to Hochman to let him know that his presentation turned her day around.

The three participants got to keep a set of three balls for themselves, and staff members said they’re considering purchasing balls for juggling for the kids to use.

Hochman offered to give the presentation free of charge, using it as an opportunity for his business, Brain Balance Achievement, and Crossroads for Youth to work together for the benefit of the kids and teens.

He left the group reminding them to never say they can’t do something, they just need to learn how.

“Figure out what’s important to you, and use this (juggling) process, and you can do anything you want,” Hochman said.

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  1. Brain Balance North Oakland   December 10, 2018 at 2:32 pm

    What a great time we had! It was a real privilege to be part of Crossroads For Youth’s mission to empower kids. It’s right in line with what we do here.


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