Kindermusik comes to Oxford

Parents and caregivers in Oxford can now take their children through a very original “musical adventure” with Kindermusik with Kimberly.
Kindermusik is a music and movement program for children from birth to seven years of age. The program fosters total development through parent involvement and skill building at the child’s pace.
“Kindermusik looks at the whole child and allows them to be challenged and grow, but at their own pace” said Kindermusik Educator Kimberly Donnelly.
Donnelly has lived in Oxford for four years. She has a bachelors of science in elementary education with a minor in music from the Concordia Teachers College in Nebraska and is currently attending Oakland University for her masters in leadership. She has taught in private schools for 10 years and was most recently the principal of Good Shepherd Lutheran School in Lake Orion. Today she enjoys teaching piano lessons and taking care of her family.
Donnelly said she decided to teach Kindermusik in Oxford after having several friends recommend the program to her. She explained that several people had gone through the program in Clarkston and given it high reviews.
“Many parents heard about how good this program is, but they didn’t want to travel all the way to Clarkston to participate,” said Donnelly. “I knew there are not many programs like this in Oakland County, so I knew it was needed. I decided I wanted to teach it here in my home.”
Kindermusik International was formed more than 25 years ago. The goal of the program is to provide unique child-centered educational classes and materials to take home for the fun and learning to continue every day. More than 4,500 licensed educators in 35 countries offer classes. Each program provides not only in class instructional time, but also books and CDs so that parents can bring the fun home.
“This really provides a guaranteed one on one time with parent and child,” said Donnelly, “and in today’s fast-paced world, that’s important. Also, the parents can take this home.”
The program was developed specifically with the children and their development needs in mind.
“My goal is to enrich the lives of children and their parents through music,” said Donnelly.
The Kindermusik program features specialized activities for different age levels. Little ones ages newborn to 18 months can enjoy babble time, instrument exploration, listening and movement encouragement. Toddlers ages 18 month to 3 years can participate in imitation, singing short songs, chanting nursery rhymes, playing instruments, labeling sounds, moving freely and moving as a group.
Older children begin to get a bit more complex in their lessons. Preschoolers ages three and four can learn to sing alone or in groups, use their voices expressively, deal with more difficult songs, create their own songs, create specific movements for music and begin to use musical vocabulary. The oldest age group, five to seven years old, expand even more by singing in several languages, expanding their vocal range, developing how to sing alone and in a group, writing and performing their own simple songs, comparing musical elements, selecting instruments as representations of change or emotion and identifying sounds, terms and instruments.
These are just a few examples of the many skills children in the Kindermusik program can learn and develop.
“The many songs and activities in Kindermusik class enhance a child’s total development by strengthening physical, emotional, social and cognitive skills at a very early age,” said Donnelly in a press release. “Teaching children through Kindermusik has allowed me to experience the joy of watching children learn and grow through music.
“Kindermusik creates a warm, creative learning environment for both parents and children.”
Donnelly accepts 10 students in a class and will be offering four classes: Village (ages newborn to 18 months), Our Time (ages 1? to 3) , Imagine That! (ages 3 to 4), and For the Young Child (ages 5 to 7). Class times range from 45 minutes to an hour and sessions are from eight to 15 weeks. All classes are held at Donnelly’s home on Seymour Lake Road.
“Kindermusik is the best choice that a parent can make for their child’s early education opportunity since music is the foundation of their learning in the first place,” concluded Donnelly.
For more information and registration, please contact Kimberly Donnelly at 248-969-3550 or 248-830-0269.