Officials to discuss potential loan to build new library in Addison

A place where folks go to borrow books could be doing a little borrowing of its own.
In an effort to increase the resources it offers the community, the Addison Township Public Library Board of Trustees will discuss the possibility of seeking a loan to build a new facility at its 7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 21 meeting.
It will take place at the library, which is located at 1400 Rochester Rd. in Lakeville.
Because their last proposal in 2010 for a new facility was poorly received, the library staff plans on presenting the community with a lower cost proposal that will still give the community a larger, updated facility.
“Our last proposal was during the recession, which played a big role duringthat time,” said Jaema Berman, director of the library. “There was a lot of conflict in the community about that proposal, and I think a lot of it had to do with the size of the building. We’ve (accepted) that idea (of a smaller facility), and the economy has improved, so we’re proposing a more modest 4,000-5,000-square-foot building.”
Berman said this would give the library approximately 2,000 square feet more than it currently has, which she and her staff propose to use for more private areas as well as more community space.
“We’ve increased our programming here, and many times we meet our capacity for occupancy in our current building,” she said. “We are looking to provide the community with more event space… more quiet study space, more space for tutors, for handicrafters and many of our other programs. We would like to have separate meeting space and more quiet space for our everyday patrons who want to read and use this as a place to find quiet, solace and contemplation.”
Though the library is seeking a loan from either a local bank or the United States Department of Agriculture, Berman said the library has worked hard to raise nearly half the funds needed to build a new facility. Berman added that, because of this fund-raising, she and her staff do not expect to ask the community for a millage.
Aside from the loan, the board meeting will cover other issues such as potential companies to draw up a plan, “healthy” loan payments and down payments, and any other questions or concerns those in attendance may have about the library’s budget.
“I think people should come to be informed about what’s going on in our community and to be part of the change if they so wish to,” Berman said.
“We seek their input in these changes, we’re being completely transparent and we want to know what people want. The only way we’ll find that out is if they come and tell us.”

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