OHS principal dispels rumors about flag flap

What was rumored to be an attack on patriotism and free speech turned out to be nothing more than a mere dress code issue, according to school officials.

Last week, three Oxford High School students draped 6 to 8-foot flags around their shoulders, wearing them as “capes,” according to Principal Steven Wolf.

Two of the students wore the American flag, while the third wore a President Donald “Trump” flag.

Despite existing rumors that the students were asked to remove these flags because they were patriotic in nature, Wolf reported that these rumors are “simply not true.”

The students were asked to remove the flags, according to Wolf, as the manner in which the students were wearing the flags were not in accordance with the OHS dress code.

“We first complimented them on their enthusiasm and pride, then explained to the few students in a casual conversation that they’re not in trouble. We weren’t confiscating anything and they were not being reprimanded,” said Wolf.

“We have the same conversation with students in the winter when they wear large blankets and wrap themselves up to be cozy. We just ask them to put it in their locker. I wouldn’t even call it a violation because they didn’t get in trouble. It’s just a dress code and safety thing, for the same reasons we don’t allow them to wear parkas, outerwear, even backpacks in the hallway.”


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