Oops! Wrong pedal

Casa Real, a Mexican restaurant located at 21 S. Washington St. in downtown Oxford, was damaged when a vehicle crashed into it shortly before noon on Sunday.

Crash damage at Casa Real.
Crash damage at Casa Real.

According to the Oxford Village Police report, the individual responsible for the damage was a 44-year-old Clarkston woman driving a 2010 Buick Enclave.

She stopped in a parking space behind the restaurant and noticed the establishment wasn’t open. She decided to call Casa Real for information about their hours.

As the woman was dialing, she noticed she had failed to put her vehicle in park, according to the report.

“The vehicle began creeping forward, which startled her,” the report stated. “She quickly attempted to brake the vehicle, but inadvertently (pressed) the accelerator, causing the vehicle to lunge forward, over the half-curb, and impact the rear of the building.”

Neither the driver nor her two passengers reported any injuries as a result of the crash.

“The rear of the building sustained substantial damage while the vehicle damage is minimal,” the report stated.


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