Oxford Wildcat Academic Achiever

Auchter Luke

Name: Luke Auchter

Parents: Melissa and Peter Auchter

GPA: 4.192

Favorite Subject: History

Plans after Graduation: Get a degree in music from the Lawrence Conservatory of Music in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Extracurricular Activities: Business Professionals of America and Jazz Band

Outside interests or hobbies: Playing and listening to music, reading, writing and playing video games

Best friends are people who: Think critically and think for themselves

When I think of the future I’m: Excited, because I have many potential paths to follow and I don’t know which one will happen but in each one I’m doing what makes me happy.

What most concerns me about the world is: The lack of appreciation for the arts and humanities at a local, state and national level.

I’m proudest of: My ability to balance my music and school while still obtaining a very high level of success at both.

I’ll try and make a contribution by: Bringing greater acceptance to those finding a career in the arts and humanities because these people define the way our culture is now and how it will be seen to future generations.

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