Oxford Wildcat Academic Achiever

Name: Joshua Michael Krol

Parents: Nora and Gary Krol

GPA: 4.01

Favorite subject: Dance

Plans after graduation: I plan to go to college, and get a BFA in Musical Theatre with a minor in Dance

Extracurricular activities: Theatre, Dance Company and Improv teamKrol%2c Joshua

Outside interests or hobbies: Acting, singing, dancing and cooking

When I think of the future I’m: confident that I will stay to true my own artistic vision and be able to put a smile on at least one persons face along the way.

What most concerns me about the world is: the lack of appreciation for art. The focus of life in modern culture has been placed on knowledge and improvement, rather than what really makes human life so special, our ability to appreciate beauty.

What advice do you have for incoming freshmen?Work hard and be nice to everybody.

My greatest achievement so far has been: every individual smile I have been able to put on a person’s face, whether it be from a simple conversation or a spectacular performance.

I look forward to contributing to my community by: showing love and understanding to everyone, to create an atmosphere of positivity.

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