Parole violator busted after allegedly fleeing from cops

A 41-year-old Oxford man was arrested and jailed on Sept. 25 for allegedly fleeing from police and resisting arrest after being stopped for speeding in downtown Oxford.

Roberto Rodriguez was arrested with no option of bond and taken to North Carolina to  face penalties for violating his parole there.


An Oxford Village Police Officer observed Rodriguez “weaving through traffic” at 56 miles per hour through the downtown area, which has a speed limit of 30 mph, according to the report. The officer activated his overhead lights and initiated a traffic stop at the intersection of M-24 and Burdick St.

According to the report, the officer observed Rodriguez was “acting strange.” He was reportedly reaching into his glove box, while “looking at the traffic light and into his car mirrors.”

As a result of this behavior, the officer ordered Rodriguez to turn off his vehicle and show his hands. When Rodriguez did not comply, the officer drew his weapon and again ordered him to show his hands.

Instead of complying, Rodriguez allegedly moved his vehicle forward with his “tires turned toward” the officer. This forced the officer to jump back so as to not be hit when Rodriguez sped away and turned east on Burdick St., the report stated.

The officers attempted to give chase, but when they turned onto Burdick St., Rodriguez was no longer in sight.

Officers found the vehicle abandoned in a parking lot outside some apartments on Louck St. The key was still in it and a window was rolled down, the report stated.

Officers looked into the car and saw Rodriguez’ apartment number on a receipt, so they went to his door. When officers knocked on the front door, Rodriguez reportedly attempted to run out another door.

Officers tried to stop him, which led to a struggle. According to the report, it took three officers to subdue Rodriguez.

Officers learned Rodriguez had warrants out in multiple states, including one from North Carolina for a parole violation.

Officers arrested him on two counts of resisting and obstructing a police officer and one count of fleeing and eluding. He was taken to the Oakland County Jail, where awaited extradition to North Carolina.

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