Police arrest Oxford High School youth for attacking a deputy

A 17-year-old Oxford High School student was placed under arrest on Thursday, May 8 for threatening two of his classmates, threatening and assaulting an assistant high school principal and attacking a sheriff’s deputy.
Deputy John Neph filed a report stating that he was called to Oxford High School at 11:33 a.m. for a disturbance. After arriving on scene, he was told by high school Assistant Principal Kurt Nuss that the 17-year-old male student had threatened to kill two other students and himself.
Neph explained that he saw the youth, who is an Oxford Township resident, walking away from the high school and asked him to stop. He also asked the subject twice to remove his hands from his pockets. The youth refused to do both items and finally struck Neph on ‘the left temple with his right fist.?
Deputy Neph writes in the report that he then struck the youth in the face, at which point the subject started running away. Neph explains that he caught up with the youth and grabbed his arm, but the teenager pulled away. At this point the officer used pepper spray on the youth, but the subject continued to fight. Neph sprayed him again ‘causing the back spray to go into (his) eyes.?
While the youth was on his knees, he grabbed Deputy Neph’s gun with both hands and proceeded to pull on the weapon with an upward motion and attempted to remove it from the holster three or four times.
Deputy Neph was able to subdue and handcuff the youth until other officers arrived on scene for assistance.
After the arrest, Assistant Principal Nuss told officers that he first saw the youth in the high school commons area. The student is currently under suspension and not permitted on school grounds, so Nuss said he instructed the youth to either leave or come to the office so they could contact his mother. The male student left the building, but re-entered through the fieldhouse doors.
Nuss stated that the youth went and confronted his ex-girlfriend. Fearing that the youth could become physical, Nuss stepped between the two students and told the youth to leave or the police would be called and he would be charged with trespassing. At this point, Nuss proceeded to remove the youth from the premises at which time the student began threatening that he would kill Nuss and two other Oxford students, and struggling against the administrator.
Deputy Neph arrived shortly after this point and encountered the youth walking towards Lakeville Elementary.
Oxford Fire Department was contacted to assist with treating both parties for pepper spray. The 17-year-old was transported to the North Oakland Medical Center where he received treatment and was cleared to be transported to jail.
The Oxford High School student was arrested for assaulting a police officer, resisting and obstructing a police officer, attempting to disarm a police officer, and assault and battery. The case is still open pending review.