Soaking rain leads chief to lift burn ban

Light’em up because the ban on open burning and personal fireworks in Oxford Township and Village was lifted.

Following the soaking rain the community received July 6, Fire Chief Pete Scholz cancelled the prohibition he enacted June 29 following weeks of extremely hot and dry weather that posed a high fire danger.

“We got a lot of rain,” he said. “It rained hard for probably 45 minutes, enough that it was over the curbs on M-24. It really came down.”

“Township residents may, once again, resume burning under the township burn permit system,” according to a statement released by the fire department.

Permits from the fire department are required by ordinance for recreational burning such as campfires and bonfires.

Oxford residents may also resume using low-impact fireworks, such as ground-based and handheld sparkling devices, and novelties, which include snakes, party poppers, snappers and smoke balls.

As for consumer-grade fireworks, both the township and village have ordinances in place that strictly prohibit their use without a permit during the 335 days of the year not specifically mentioned in the 2012 state law that legalized them. Examples of consumer-grade fireworks include Roman candles, bottle rockets and aerial shells.

Michigan law allows consumer-grade fireworks to be discharged at will on the day before, the day of and the day after 10 national holidays, the next one being Labor Day. No permit is required for these 30 days.


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