To the editor: Vote no on Maple/Dayton proposal

I feel blessed to have been an Oxford Village resident for the last 44 years.

I appreciate all the hard work and amenities provided by our local government, public works department, parks and recreation and school system.

If you are an Oxford resident, you will be asked to vote on several important issues in the 2018 election.

One of the Village proposals asks if you will give the Village of Oxford’s council the authority and approval to sell approximately one acre of property near Maple Street and Dayton Street.

This land has provided green space in my neighborhood for as long as I have lived here and I hate to think what might be built if sold to a developer who crowds condos, apartments and such into that acre.

It’s unfortunate, but if you look around Oxford you see examples of overdevelopment leading to an increase in traffic, pollution and noise.

That is why I am voting NO on this Oxford Village proposal in order to keep one piece of green space intact as green becomes harder and harder to find.

Jan Dean

Oxford Village

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