With Memorial Day upon us

By Don Rush

Yikes. After being less-than-energetic for over 40 days and nights (Thank you, stupid COVID-19 vacation), this past Saturday was a rude awakening for this old body. My body was shocked when, during a beautiful day that was Saturday — sunny, blue skied and near 70 degrees — I decided to do yard work.
The wood chipper was a-chipping and a-shredding as I cleaned up branches from three scrub trees we felled. That was an hour or so of bending and shoving. After that, and because one feller in town said, “Don Rush, cut that lawn!” I pushed the lawn mower over the very thick, lush and green grass that hadn’t been cut in about three weeks. And, boy was I tuckered. A little winded, even.
With The Return of Don’t Rush Me: The column, last week I received some nice feedback — mostly on the shaved noggin’ I sported.
From long-time friend and now long-time retired Oxford Police Sergeant Jimmy Malcolm the following e-mail.
Mr. Rush, I Presume, I saw your bald head in this week’s Oxford Leader. All I can say is “OH MY!” I remember when my son Jim was going to shave his head for a friend’s wife who was stricken with breast cancer, but his friends talked him out of it. Thy told him he didn’t have the head for it! (Whatever the heck that means.) . . . Anyway all I an say about this is “OH MY!” I’ll take it easy on ya’. Hell, we can’t get a hair cut down here so I just let it grow out, like my beard! Going hippie!
Man those boy’s of ours are getting big! I can remember when they were just little kids, what ya’ been feeding them? But heck, I can remember when your were just a kid, too!
Later KEMO SABE! STAY SAFE! Your Pal, Jim.
* * *
Thanks, Jimbo. I only wish you would’ve sent a picture of the hippie-looking you.
* * *
From my old Clarkston High School football coach: “Don, I just finish reading this column about this bald dude and two of his disciples. Yes, they are your sons. Great to have you back at work. Stay healthy, Walt Wyniemko.”
Thanks, Walt. Just to let you know, the hair is growing back and as of this weekend, has actually started to fall — albeit in different directions. It’s gonna’ take a while to re-train the follicles to lay down like I want them to.
On The Clarkston News’ Facebook page, a Beverly Joan L, posted: “(The Clarkston News) one of the best home town papers around. Have read it since I moved here in 1969. So glad you are back in business. I sooo missed Don Rush — never afraid to speak his mind. Love the shaved head, lol — and a big welcome to new Editor, Matt Mackinder.”
From Rob Schroeder, “If you put a light bulb in your mouth will it light up?”
Thanks, Beverly. It is good to be back. (And, we hope to keep it coming.) Rob, well, thanks for the obscure Addam’s Family reference.
* * *
This weekend is our country’s traditional weekend to remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Memorial Day, poppy sales, parades, large gatherings of family and friends — a kickoff to summer in honor those men and women who lost their lives in defense of every American’s rights and liberties.
While Memorial Day will come and go this year, there will be no local parades nor large gatherings, picnics and barbecues. I for one, however, will make sure to say a silent prayer for those who lost their lives in military campaigns. More than that, this year I will add into my personal remembrances a shout out for first responders and our neighbors who lost their battle with our common enemy, COVID-19.
* * *
Last week the WashingtonExaminer.com reported that The New York Times reported, “ . . . a study of cellphone data across the country … found that in Michigan 39 percent of people stayed home last week, a dip from its peak at 50 percent. Though many people have stayed home through most of the pandemic, roughly one million people began moving last week.”
It really didn’t bother me that 61 percent of my fellow Michiganians did not stay home. What bothers me is the ease at which anyone, the government, private business, anybody can access our cellphone data. I keep my location settings to off, and I bet my location can still be tracked, lickity-split. Yeah, not a fan of that.
Anyways, thanks for reading and remember what this weekend is all about. Send your comments to me via email, DontRushDon@gmail.com

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