A big thank you

Dear Editor,
Just wanted to give a HUGE shout out to the OXFORD FIRE DEPARTMENT, OAKLAND COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE, TIM HORTON’S AND DTE for their quick and compassionate response to my emergency on Sunday, January 30. Our Purdy Lane barn burned down in the early morning hours and two DTE line men going to work alerted me. In all the chaos, all I have is the name of one of them – Austin.
Not only did these two young men stop and wake me (not an easy task) but they called 911 and offered to save livestock that might have been trapped (thankfully they were away for the winter).
Since the fire department was on scene for many hours, Tim Horton’s provided coffee to the crew! I was and always will be a loyal customer for life. I didn’t get any names of those that responded, but I have to look for the good in this tragedy and it belongs to the HEREOS from DTE and OXFORD FIRE that assisted me that dark morning.
Karen Logan

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