A Poem For Oxford

A Poem for Oxford

Last year, I wrote a poem for the town of Oxford after the shooting. This could have been

anywhere. It could have been TC Central, or West, or Mancelona. Even though the cameras

have left, the people are still coping. After all, people in Gaylord are still rebuilding after the

tornado. Let’s stand together and show them they have not been forgotten.

Valerie Reeves, Mancelona, Michigan

Oh little town in Southeastern Michigan,

Much sadness has befallen you!

I read in the paper of the tears you shed,

And through bleary eyes I weep too.

For on that day in grim November,

A monster we have known before,

Left scars deep within our hearts,

When it came knocking upon your door.

Though our hearts still bleed in sorrow,

And grief may yet remain,

Know that we all still remember,

And your plight is not in vain,

Though the cameras traveled on,

To cover “Breaking News”,

Your lovely town is not forgotten,

Our hearts are yellows and blues!

From the Soul of Motor City,

To the mines of Keweenaw,

Love will be sent your way,

We never shall withdraw.

Though we may not comprehend,

All that you may suffer,

We stand here with loving arms,

So the pain at least may buffer.

We shall be there for those four wounded,

Strong, beautiful and persistent,

We shall remember those who passed,

Who live in heaven so distant.

Together we stand hand-in-hand,

Down but never broken,

Love shall always conquer hate,

Our hearts have been awoken.

So fear not, my friend!

For fear is evil’s tool,

Now is time to love thy neighbor,

May compassion ever rule!

Remember the home of the WIldcats,

The strong and victorious,

Look to them for guidance now,

For it is they who are glorious.

Vive la Oxford!

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