Addison builds fire pit for sledding hill

The fire pit, pictured, will be surrounded by a semicircle of seating. Photo by Shelby Tankersley.
The fire pit, pictured, will be surrounded by a semicircle of seating. Photo by Shelby Tankersley.

October is over, and the anticipation of the holiday season is already thick in the air.

With all the dinner parties, sweaters and gifts that come along with the holidays is the crisp, white snow perfect for sledding. Flying down a hill at top speed and feeling the cold air on your face is a staple for many Michigan childhoods.

But, for many adults, it’s just a lot of standing out in the cold and feeling like a popsicle.

Addison Township is trying to change that. At the hill next to the township Hall, which is a prime sledding location, a fire pit complete with seating is being constructed for those who want to go sledding without all the cold.

Supervisor Bruce Pearson hopes the hill will be a community hub in the colder months where people can get together and watch kids and adults partake in a classic winter pastime.

“For this winter, it’ll be up and running for kids to have a place where they can sit and stay warm while they’re sledding,” Pearson said. “And it gives the parents somewhere to sit while they watch their kids.”

The fire pit will host a semicircle of stone, bench-like seating and is expected to be completed after two weeks of work. There will also be plenty of space to stand between the hill and the fire.

“It’s going to have nice seats out there,” Pearson said. “I think it’s going to give the kids a place to hang out while they’re sledding.”

Pearson also plans to bring a little holiday cheer to the space.

When Christmas draws nearer, he plans to have the first of many ceremonial tree lightings at the fire pit.

“We’ve never had a Christmas lighting ceremony in Addison Township, so I think this will be a good annual event now,” he said.

When the air warms up and summer is in swing, Pearson expects the pit to be utilized for evening concerts. The plan is to have the pit host conversations between neighbors all throughout the year.

“It will bring the whole community together,” Pearson said.