Addison resident critical of cell tower coverage

I am very disheartened to see the level of fact-based reporting and investigation for the truth of your paper is now declining after reading the Oct.25 article by Shelby Tankersley   “Addison OKs controversial cell tower,” where Ms. Tankersley slants the reporting to the side of the township, disregarding the many valid and solid points made by the citizens and parents while also not ever asking the township supervisor, Pearson, or the Board members about those valid solid points when she had the chance. She did not want to get to the TRUTH.

The truth is: The beginning of this began with a LIE.

Verizon did NOT EVER seek any alternate site as they, Verizon Attorney Crane, Testified to in court and the ZBA. They saw that there was an undersized site that Addison owned and went directly (as stated in the December 2016 board meeting) to them. (I have a signed survey of the other property owners in the area showing that they did not ask if they would allow a tower on their property). There are other willing property owners that do not need any variances from the township at all and want it on their property.

The reporter, Ms. Tankersley, commentary of “Following the vote, Kingsbury parents and disgruntled community members again rose from their seats to speak” is just one of her biased commentaries in the story that shows her disapproval of the community’s voice and love of the township leadership rather than being objective and non-partial.

Ms. Tankersley should have asked the township board and supervisor why another alternate location that is now known to have been on day one and is available now to place a tower is not being looked at as a proper place to place the tower. She should have asked why the Planning commission’s decision of 2009 with 7 points to reject a cell tower does not apply to this historical and sensitive location. She should have asked who has been paying the legal bills for the all the litigation that has happened since the start of this, and how does that not consume the lease money to be received. She should have asked why the township isn’t looking at a land swap with Kingsbury to place the tower near the gas line in the back of Kingsbury land as suggested by myself and others (less than half-mile south).


Because her focus and narrative is that the township is right and the community that does not want it at that location is wrong. She never asked who supported the tower, as Pearson indicated, as there were never any such persons in any of the meetings thus far – all were against it at that location.

No one is against having a cell tower somewhere nearby, just not at that location.

I truly hope that your newspaper is not going down the path of biased news reporting. I have enjoyed your paper in the past as it has stood and sought for the truth and the people of the community not for the government.

Ron Renaud
Addison Township

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