Addison Township appoints new Park Ranger

By Teddy Rydquist
Leader Staff Writer
At its last meeting of the year, Addison Township got a new Park Ranger. Held remotely via GoToMeeting, the Addison Township Board of Trustees appointed 62-year-old Leonard resident Paul Ubelhor as the township’s ninth Park Ranger.

Paul Ubelhor

Park Rangers patrol LaBodie Park, Lake George Nature Park, and the Watershed Preserve.
“What happens is, people contact us, and they come to the Park Committee,” Supervisor Bruce Pearson said. “They come to the meetings and the board, they get to know these people, and they show up for volunteer work and everything. Once we get to know them, they sometimes request to be a Park Ranger.”
Park Rangers patrol park grounds and make sure there’s no problems at any of the parks. “They’re the eyes and ears,” Peason said. “They call the sheriff if there’s any problems or whatever. We got a great group of volunteers there, that’s where we save money. We don’t have a park millage or anything like that, our money comes from the cell tower and that funds the park.”
* * *
On Monday night (too late for inclusion in this week’s edition) the Addison Township Board formally discussed the 2021 budget.
“There’s not much different than last year, except we’re adding a little extra time to the ordinance officer because he just works two days per week, four hours. Now, we’re going to have him in the budget for three days per week,” Pearson said before the meeting.
Information regarding how to access this virtual meeting is available on the township’s website,

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