Addison Township Primary Election 2020

1 runs for Supervisor

Republican Bruce Pearson, 67 has been supervisor since 2008. “I was a deputy sheriff before that and used to patrol out here since 1979. I built a new house here about 21 years ago, over by Noble Road, I have a little farm up there.”
What is your primary concern in Addison Township and your solution? “I’m trying to make sure our seniors are taken care of. We do have a senior center here; we have a senior coordinator. It’s (COVID-19) been very hard on our seniors right now, they’re the group that has supported this township their whole life and we try to give back to them.
“We have lots of activities, and right now we’re kind of stymied and they’ve been calling, they would like to start them up again. So, we’re being very, very cautious on allowing those activities for our seniors because they’re the most vulnerable.
“Another one of my biggest things right now is one garbage hauler. We are at that point where people are having a very hard time getting a garbage company now. The new people move in, and a lot of these garbage companies, when a lot of the other companies went out of business and got gobbled up by other ones, they couldn’t get garbage pickup. They would say, ‘We’re full, we’re not taking any new applicants.’
“Right now, we have six different trucks coming through out town, six days per week. We’re at the point now, I’ve done some studies on it and contacted some people, and the other township supervisors have also gone to these single garbage haulers, and I think I can save the people probably 40-percent by going to one hauler.”

1 runs for Clerk

Incumbent Republican Pauline Bennett of Drahner Rd., was first elected clerk in 1996 and is a life-long resident of the township. She also serves as Treasurer of Michigan Township Association
“It is an honor to be your Clerk and serve Addison Township residents. Addison Township is my home and I care about the Township. Many of us moved to Addison Township to enjoy the rural oasis. I ran for elected office out of concern for the amount of proposed high-density developments and the possible effects. In my opinion, Addison Township’s infrastructure cannot sustain numerous high-density developments and the Township should plan for the lack of infrastructure and with emphasis on sustainable safe growth.
“I pride myself on having a small business background. Incorporating fast, fair and friendly service as my mission; with the assistance of the Clerk office teams, past and present, we have added professionalism and proficiency to our service list.
“Currently, we are working diligently to ensure you have safe, secure and efficient voting options (absentee or at the polls) in the August and November 2020 elections.”

2 run for Treasurer

Incumbent Treasurer Lori Fisher, 47. First assumed office in 2012
How long have you been in the community?
“I have lived in Addison Township since 2004, we built a home here because we loved the area and wanted a good school system for our children. Previously, we lived in Lapeer County and I grew up in Macomb County.
What is your primary concern for Addison Township and your solution?
“We are very fortunate to live in a beautiful community with a healthy fund balance and few of the challenges other communities face.
“My biggest concern, however, is the political climate in the township. There is a push to replace me because I occasionally vote against issues, despite my experience and knowledge. I do a very good job running my department, I put my time in, meet all deadlines, and I have 100-percent meeting attendance.
“I have been accused of playing for the wrong team – I don’t view the government as one side and the residents the other, we are your local representatives and our job is to represent our residents. The township has some problems that need to be addressed and I don’t see an effort to work through these problems and reach solutions as a team.
“In the last four years, I have been the only board member to vote against issues such as an $18,000 fire pit, a splash pad, and an ill-placed cell phone tower that required a variance. My solution is to keep standing up for the interests of the residents, to keep fighting for transparency and open dialogue.
“I will continue to provide the good governance our residents should expect. A board that always reaches a quick consensus with no discussion is not a sign of success, success is good leadership brining differing viewpoints and ideas together and formulating a consensus.
“I encourage everyone to pay more attention to your local government. I encourage you to attend board meetings or watch the recordings on Oxford Community Television (OCTV).”

Republican Jacob Newby, 22 of Rochester Rd., is a current Addison Trustee, elected in 2016
“I have lived in downtown Lakeville in Addison Township for 20 years.
“My main concern is to keep taxes low, while still providing great services to the community. Our residents deserve quick and accurate information, as well as someone who will be accessible, and in the Treasurer’s office, regularly throughout the year to answer questions.”



7 vie for 4 seats on township board

Repubican Ed Brakefield, 70, of Curtis Rd. “I have spent 45 wonderful years in the community.”
#1 Concern and Solution: Keeping Addison Township rural. Remember, once the open areas are gone – they are gone forever. My goal is to follow our masterplan and zoning to ensure that the open natural area are protected.




Republican Linda Gierak, 58, of Secord Lake Rd., is an incumbent, first elected in 2008.
“This will be my fourth term, if elected again. I think most voters know me as a 43-year resident of Addison, married and our 3 kids born and raised here. I have worked in municipal offices in other communities for the last 16 years and between that and being on the board so long, I have a clear understanding of what is going on with township responsibilities, fiscal spending, and how it all relates to benefit our constituents. I think I bring a genuine perspective of how it was back in the day, the new needs we can provide to our residents, knowledge of how we can keep our beautiful community rural, and am working on good ideas of how to move forward. I am a supporter of green space and parks.”


Republican Charles Sargent, of Deerpointe.
“I am 77 years young and do not hold age against my opponents. I have been in the Addison Township community 25 years.”
Observed are three priority opportunities:
1. Improve professionalism at the local level. Action: Work to improve the competence or skill of employees and appointees.
2. Improve fiscal oversight. Action: Work to refine fiscal budget process providing justification for department cost & expense.
3. Improve general administration. Action: Work to improve cross functional support department-to-department and ensure efficient performance of all departments in the organization.


Republican Erich A. Senft, 75, of Townsend Road, is an incumbent. Was appointed trustee then elected to the same position in 2016. Addison resident for over 30 years.
“My main goal is to practice conservative spending. My approach to that is to investigate. I’ve been knowledgeable before I vote every time.

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  • Republicans Nick Barnhart, Karen
    Geibel, and Joel King are also running to be
    Addison Township Trustee. They did not
    reply to our request to be a part of this voter’s

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