Addison Twp., lake residents work to resolve dock disputes

By Dean Vaglia
Leader Staff Writer
Several zoning violation cases against Lakeville Lake property owners were dropped in court on Tuesday, Aug. 3.
Five cases were discussed before judge Lisa Asadoorian in the Rochester Hills 52nd District court. The cases covered out of compliance docks according to the stipulations in zoning ordinance article 13 section 13.03. The section states that lots zoned for single-family homes are allowed one dock that is up to 35 feet in length and 6 feet in width to keep up to two boats.
Cases of Sheila Peyerk, Jeffery Osborne, Robert Kanas and Anthony Donato were mutually dismissed as each of the owners came to agreements with the township. The case of Timothy Brinker was not dismissed and is slated to join a number of unresolved and new cases on Monday, Aug. 23.
“We are working with each individual property owner to try to resolve their individual and unique situations,” Robert Davis, attorney for Addison Township, said.
About 20 cases out of 54 have been officially dismissed as of Friday, Aug. 6.
Ordinance 13.03 was enacted by the township in 1988 and enforced on a case by case basis as complaints came to the ordinance. Following a review of the ordinance in 2019 and 2020, Addison Township found the ordinance to be reasonable as is. After sending a letter to lakeside residents in September 2020 asking them to bring docks into compliance, the Township began issuing citations in order to bring non-compliant docks made after 1988 into compliance.
“Most of the cases are getting resolved,” Davis said. “Most of the cases we are getting compliance or we are getting agreements to comply by a certain date. We have not, at this point, had to go forward with any misdemeanor trials.”
Addison Township handles the issuing of citations without input from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department.

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