All’s quiet on the Michigan front (or is it?)


By Don Rush

I learn’t — and don’t use that word in school, kids because teachers frown upon its use — there were only three school districts in Oakland County who continuously maintained an in-person option for students since the school year began. Wanna’ know which districts?
Clawson, Brandon and Oxford. I’m kind of surprised by this because I know the Clarkston district was doing everything it could to give parents and kids the option of in-person learning. I discovered this bit of information from Oxford’s school board meeting last week. The Wildcats have gone in kahoots with the Blackhawks of Brandon in regards to Oakland County’s release of the COVID-19 vaccine.
They’re sorta’ miffed, actually.
“We were incredibly disappointed with the lack of planning for how Oakland County Health was to roll out whatever vaccines became available,” Oxford Schools Supt. Tim Throne said. “And what actually happened was other districts who have not been in-person at all, their districts found out about (how to sign up), it was leaked to them, they signed up, all the slots were filled, and our people never even had a chance to put their name down to get the vaccine.”
I’m trying to get the list of districts who used the leaked intel to get to the front of the line.
What the two local districts want is for their teachers and staff to be considered a priority for the vaccines over teachers from districts who only have taught virtually.
I hope I am wrong, but I don’t see that fair play happening.
* * *
Not that I am cynical, just curious and not scare’t (and again, kids, don’t use this word either) . . .
I wonder how many students going to school virtually are jobbing the system by logging into their virtual classes on one computer and at the same time goofing off on another computer (and/or phone)?
I wonder how many kids now-a-days go to virtual school in their pajamas versus getting dressed?
And, I wonder if students had to get up, washed up and dressed would their brains take in more than in the casual PJ atmosphere?
* * *
While I am in the asking questions frame of mind, how are the grades of the new, COVID-virtual students now as compared to when they were regular, old, butts-at-their-desks-in-class students? Also, once the kids are back in class as Gretchen wants by March, will grades start dropping because students didn’t really learn what they needed to during the lockdown? And, if that does happen what do school districts do?
(Hey, don’t hate me — I’m just asking questions.)
* * *
These days, I am kinda’ sad. And, I am sad because more people than normal are really sorta’ mean. Moms and dads who would cry “Foul!” or “Bloody hell!” if someone acted to their kids the way they themselves act on social media are the culprits. If their students were mocked or made fun of for saying the wrong word, or misspelling something on the chalk board, parents would be outraged. Toot-sweet they would be on the phone or ripping off a nasty email to the schools’ superintendent about the bullying of their child.
Yet, some of these same parents sit on their couches, waiting in the bushes of their social media pages ready to pounce for any inadvertent mistake or misspelling they can find. They chime in with childish glee, proving their superiority with snarky remarks. Sometimes, for their own entertainment, I think they also call their pleebs to join in the mockery — when, if they were well-adjusted adults, they could: A) overlook the world-ending transgression of a spelling error; or B) send a private message suggesting a correction be made.
What was that lesson we were taught as kids? I think it went like this: If you can’t say something nice/good, don’t say any thing.”
We used to be a polite society. Now we’re being overtaken by knuckleheads.
* * *
This mean-spiritedness online has also had other consequences — namely, sane, well-meaning people are many times afraid to add their voice to any discussion. So, now what we get are the unhinged and whacked-out extremists yelling at each other with their thumbs and keypads. Who in his or her or their right minds would want to wade into that kind of crap show?
It has had an affect on your community newspaper, too. Folks send us their opinions as “Letters to The Editor.” Many times these days, however, they do not want their names to be associated with their letters. And, I get it. I empathize with them. It used to be “we” could agree to disagree on subjects. Today, especially in politics, it is you’re either with me 100 percent, or you’re dead to me. Rational people who have an opinion to share, don’t because they do not know what kind of wrath will be brought down on them, their family or properties. Thank you, “Cancel Culture.”
Because people have turned away from religion and because they have to believe in something, they have made their politics their religion. “You either believe the way I do, or you’re going to Hell.” And, if you’re going to hell, you’re the enemy; and if you’re the enemy, it is okay to hate you; and if I hate you, I am justified in anything I do to you.
* * *
Well, there you go. I went deep down the rabbit hole. I think I have done my job and offended just about everyone. Send your comments, questions, etcetera to

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