Attacks on civil rights

 Nearly two dozen concerned residents from across Oakland and Macomb counties participated in a rally on Aug. 18 along M-24 and Clarkston Road to bring visibility to recent attacks on the civil rights of Americans. Residents from Addison and Brandon townships, Oxford, Lake Orion, Clarkston, and Oakland Township held signs in the hot sun in the early evening. They cheered as vehicles passed, honking horns and some drivers giving a “thumbs up” sign.

What were their concerns?

Many attendees told me they see the raid on former President Trump’s home as a political attack meant to keep him out of politics and intimidate supporters. One participant said he felt the FBI was attempting to make people fearful about speaking out. “If they can do it to Trump, they will certainly do it to us,” he told me. “We have to push back when the government attacks our rights,” another said. 

One of the men standing along Lapeer Road said he felt the government was targeting Trump because “he provides the energy to get people out to vote.” He thought it was important to elect leaders who would work for the Republic, not just go along to get along.

Others held signs in support of one Michigan candidate or another, and a woman from Clarkston made a case for defeating the proposed amendment called “Promote the Vote,” which she said weakens our ability to know whether the voter is registered and legitimate.

This rally was just one of many that I read were occurring last week across the country. In this politically charged environment, I found people locally concerned about losing their rights, particularly the First and Fourth Amendment rights. I stopped by to see what this one was all about. I learned they are not afraid.

Jay R. Taylor,


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