What does a bear do in the woods?

Let me start out by saying, I feel its pain. What do I have feelings for? It’s something rather large, warm, fuzzy and cuddly (just like me). It is a bear — a bear that was found passed out in a campsite after a night of binge drinking. Seems to me, I vaguely remember a […]

Michigander accepted, don’t make it right

In case you missed it, last week I scored the governor’s debate. Both candidates, on my score card, earned zero points. (If one is singular, what is zero and should it be points or point? I also wonder which high school English teacher will be the first to e-mail me with the correct answer?) I […]


Now that Walter Elias Disney’s influence on the multi-faceted corporation that bears his name is finally waning (Walt died in December, 1966), I think I have a new Disney movie plot. My movie would be called That Damn Cat! Of course, my movie would not be like one of Walt’s last, That Darn Cat! which […]

Readers weigh-in on nicknames

Yikes! With the election only a handful of days away I think I may have finally figured out who I’ll cast my vote for Michigan’s governorship . . . but, as it is a secret ballot, it’s none of your business. What is your business, and a continuing surprise to me, has been the response […]

Thank you, sir

He is so young. That was what my mind contemplated just before I shook the soldier’s hand. In that nanosecond before our hands touched I didn’t really know what to say — the young man in front of me was a stranger. The people surrounding him in the park’s pavilion were his family and friends. […]


Niagara Falls, Ontario. Whoopee! Boy there’s a lot going on in that town — a lot more than I remembered. Of course the last time your humble scribe visited said water attraction, he was with a group of smart-alec ninth graders from Sashabaw Junior High School — and that my friends was, as ancient Native […]

Sometimes it pays to listen

I know there is an old saying, cliche or adage that goes something like this: Don’t crap in your own backyard. I reckon it makes sense. If you’re gonna raise a stink about something, it is far more pleasant to do it farther from where you live, than closer. Where you live should be a […]

Sunday a.m. TV commercials ain’t what they used to be . . .

So, it’s a recent Sunday morning at Casa D’Rush. Two of the Rush lads are up, hair askew, pj’s rumpled, the sleep barely out of our eyes. It’s sometime between 7 a.m. and 7:25, which means the 4,721-day-old Shamus is still sound asleep, the way almost-teenagers are before eight bells ring from the morning clock. […]

The Wonderful World of DEET

Just like the weather in Michigan, clothes styles and the way folks wear their hair, I have come to believe all things change. Nothing of this earth is stoic, static or simply stuck in one place. What threw me over the edge and to my revelation was a recent trip to the store. One of […]

Humility, gratitude all part of Thanksgiving

Historically speaking, this is the time of year, the one day of 365, we set aside to be thankful for graces bestowed. And, it is no secret it will be harder for some to be thankful this year. There has been loss of love; much financial calamity; emotional pain; too much suffering — and, I’m […]