Block the border! Inspect all vehicles! Too late, they’re here.

For a while now I’ve been reading about the increase of ‘undesirables? in the states south of us. And, since it really didn’t pertain to us in Michigan, I figured, ‘what the heck, it’s their problem.? But the more I read of the invasion of these darker, reddish-brown skinned unwanteds, the more I thought we […]

To Hollywood from Clarkston, via New York

‘I moved to LA in 2001 to pursue a career as a writer. Today, I took a significant step toward that goal.? This past spring, friends and family of 1986 Clarkston High School graduate Karen Barna received that message via e-mail. Barna landed a job as a staff writer for the Warner Brothers studio. The […]

Life can be such a bummer

Much of what happens at home and around the world — commonly referred to as life — can be summed up in one word. Bummer. Which is not to say life is a bummer. Even when you are living a George Baileyesque wonderful life like me, bummer things happen — your car needs towing, your […]

What the heck is going on in classrooms these days?

Editor’s Note: work pulled Don in different directions this week . . . here is a Best of Don, from 2002. We think you’ll smile. And, if you to see what is on Don’s mind — this week — check out Don’t Rush Me — The Show by clicking on * * * It’s […]

Bush and Kerry and elections, oh my

Give me a Y. Give me an I. Give me a K. Give me an E and a S, what’s it spell? Yikes . . . Yikes! YIKES! Now that the two parties in control of politics here and across the nation have had their weeks in the spotlight all I can say is, yikes. […]

Dangblabit Jim!

You know your karma needs cleansing when your ‘friends? kick you whilst your feeling down. Can someone pass me a soul-sponge or something, cuz I must of upset the gods some where along the way. Let me backup and fill you folks in and then you can tell me if my aura is askew . […]

Hot damn! I got a stye in my eye!

Last week I got some great news. News that had me whistling happy tunes, snapping my fingers and tapping my toes. I had a stye in my eye — left to be exact. That’s it. That is my happy news. I went to the urgent care center in Oxford, sat down on the table-bed thing […]

The run for Michigan’s governorship

So, like probably 18 percent of the voting population in the Great Lake State, I watched Sunday’s ‘debate.? Though, debate is stretching what I saw candidates for Michigan governor, actually do. Now that I have forever lost that hour of my life (and as I get older, I realize every hour, every moment wasted is […]

What does a bear do in the woods?

Let me start out by saying, I feel its pain. What do I have feelings for? It’s something rather large, warm, fuzzy and cuddly (just like me). It is a bear — a bear that was found passed out in a campsite after a night of binge drinking. Seems to me, I vaguely remember a […]

Michigander accepted, don’t make it right

In case you missed it, last week I scored the governor’s debate. Both candidates, on my score card, earned zero points. (If one is singular, what is zero and should it be points or point? I also wonder which high school English teacher will be the first to e-mail me with the correct answer?) I […]