Memorial Day and red poppies

‘Poppies! Poppies! Poppies!? — Something the Wicked Witch of the West may have uttered in the 1939 movie classic, ‘The Wizard of Oz? I know Memorial Day is at hand. And it’s not cuz I’m a veteran, genius or anything so noble or extravagant. Nope, not me. Atlas Township resident Jill Stodula wanted me to […]

Oh Tannenbaum, what presents be beneath thee?

Old Man Winter kicked it up a notch last week, dropping the mercury in our thermometers 30 degrees in one, 24-hour session. From 40 degrees to subzero with windchill is hard for a body to acclimate to. At least it’s the Christmas season and in these parts that means it’s s’posed to be cold. I […]

Door-to-door scam hits Lake Orion

By Don Rush This past summer Riva Campbell answered the knock on her door — and got taken on a ride that lasted for months. Door-to-door solicitors canvassed the area, including Cambell’s Lake Orion Village neighborhood this past June. ‘There was a girl and a guy, they were selling magazine subscriptions,? Campbell said. ‘They were […]

Christmas songs . . .

When we broke out the Christmas decorations a few weeks ago, also let loose were the two dozen Christmas albums, er, CDs I have. My taste in Christmas music, is much like my taste in many things. I have friends who like to write and are always aghast at my lowly tastes. ‘Of course you […]

Opinions vary on school taxation

A few years back, one of my favorite teachers at Clarkston High School (Larry Mahrle) verified something for me — I don’t communicate clearly. As I sat to write this column, I remember that hot day in August when the phone in my office rang to life. What followed was an ultra-top secret conversation I […]

Garden ickies, gardening for good

As my perfect, Romanesque and pointy nose indicates, the weather is getting better. What that first sentence means is: Because my beak is glowing red like Rudolf’s after baking in the sun all weekend, it is safe to assume we have turned the corner from Old Man Winter Boulevard onto Spring Street. (It is also […]

The Mummy scares our dad away

I guess there is some good news and some bad news coming from the home front. The good news: Sean, five-years-old since St. Patrick’s Day, has ‘written? his first book. The bad news: Sean, five-years-old since St. Patrick’s Day, has ‘written? his first book. Hey, that sounds familiar. Let me say up front, I’m very […]

The kitty-cat killing machine

When I first heard it, I was confused. Of course I had been sleeping so that explained it. It’s kinda freaky to be wakened in the wee hours of the morning — somewhere between the beginning of Rapid Eye Movement and dawn — by strange sounds emanating from the hallway. I guess if I have […]

What affects local homeowners?

Be forewarned . . . there could be some cussin? goin? on. I’m gonna? preface this gem of an opinion with a wee-little disclaimer to all those employed in public education. You do not have to read on; what follows is a tirade, an exercise in ranting and raving. Eggheads and those who resemble Spock, […]

Ugly stocking and all

I wanted to get this out as early as possible . . . it’s not really written in the “Don’t Rush Me Don” style you all know and love . . . it’s actually a story that will come out in next week’s paper. But, I think you’ll all enjoy it regardless of the style […]