Best wishes for 2020

Hi, Don,

As a former editor & reporter, I have a special fondness for community newspapers and value their worth. Thanks for all you do to get news and information to the greater community every week. Mr. Sherman surely is smiling on you. 🙂
Your dandelions comment (In the Don’t Rush Me column, Hey! Back off! My dandelions have a purpose! published May 29, 2019 and mentioned again on Dec. 25, 2019) reminded me of my very Italian grandmother, my “Nonnie,” whose friends visited us in “the north country” every year to pick dandelions for wine (she lived with my parents). Her “paisans” (countrymen) also came by to wander the area for mushrooms. As I got older, I wondered how they knew which ones were truly “safe to eat” and always prayed they did not get poisoned!
My equally Italian mother, who learned American ways quickly, always bought ours at the grocery store! As far as I know, nothing bad ever happened to them, though, so I guess there is something to be said for “the old ways!” (If you know what you are doing!:)
Best wishes for 2020 & I’m among those looking forward to columns 1,700+!

Barb Bartos

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