Bowlers remain undefeated against Troy

Once again, the competition is no match for Oxford’s bowling teams. On Dec. 20, the boys and the girls overcame Troy and now tout records of 4-0, sitting atop the OAA Red.

With a bigger roster, the ladies cruised to a 30-0 victory. Sophomore Grace Meyer led the Wildcats with games of 205 and 220. Senior Claire Sandstrom was the team’s other top player of the night with a 190 game. Moving into 2019, Head Coach JR Lafnear is ready for the girls to face off against some teams that will really test them.

“The girls had a solid night but really have some work to do,” he said. “I (am) confident they will continue to improve and be ready after the holidays. We have some real strong opponents coming that will test them.”

Though Troy’s boy team had a fully stacked roster, the Wildcats also destroyed them 30-0. Junior Luke Acton led the boys with games of 268 and 215. But, he was followed closely by his teammates Tony Verbeke, a sophomore who bowled 264 and 211 games, as well as Collin Massie, sophomore with games of 223 and 237.

Collectively, the boys scored 1096 and 1022 rounds in the victory.

For the boys, Troy was a worthy team. Lafnear said he is confident of the boys’ abilities moving forward.

“This was a match up that I was concerned about,” Lafnear said. “Troy is well coached and has talent and I knew our boys would have to be on their games to win. They all weren’t on tonight but the ones that were shot the lights out. This was a good week for us beating 2 of the better teams in the OAA Red.”

Both teams will be back at it again on Jan. 10, 2019 against Hazel Park.