Cagers extend winning streak

It looks like there’s no stopping the Wildcat boys this season.

Before they went into the weekend, the boys beat Waterford Kettering 52-47.

Prior to the game, Waterford was undefeated with a 4-0 record. But, the Wildcats ended that streak. Waterford had been averaging 65 points a game, but Oxford held them to just 47.

Junior forward Trey Townsend led the Wildcats with 17 points and 20 rebounds. Senior forward Michael Raisch also put in the work, getting 12 points on the board and blocking six of Waterford’s shots. Rounding out some of the top players of the night, senior forward Dujoun Williams put up six points and played an exceptional defensive game.

Head Coach Steve Laidlaw said the ball handling by senior guard Logan Coughlin, senior guard D’Wavay Turner, senior guard Nolan Hiler and senior forward Connor Nicholson was also instrumental in the victory.

Oxford’s record is now 4-0. After playing Royal Oak away and starting league play on Dec. 18, they’ll be back on their home court on Dec. 21 to take on Berkley.