Vote ‘no’ on parks

Who does not remember the Blue Turf Fiasco? It was only a few years ago. The voters were asked to pay for artificial turf. The voters turned it down, not just once, but twice. I will not waste time on why blue turf was not needed. The important thing is that voters voted NO! TWICE! […]

Voters, consider these things

I’d like to share with you some thoughts and ideas with the hope that I can entice you to take the few minutes to go and vote and give these people, that includes me, a silent scream that you had enough, and you will be heard!!! The basis of my campaign, which got me started […]

Vote ‘yes’ on school millage

I am writing to support the request from Oxford School Board member Mr. Dan D’Alessandro’s request that Oxford school district residents vote ‘YES’ for the renewal of the non-homestead millage proposal which will be on the Nov. 8 ballot. The current school board and administration has done an excellent job in keeping most of the […]

Businesses pass taxes onto consumers

I believe there is one fact regarding the non-homestead millage proposal that is yet to be communicated to voters. This is not a tax on business but rather a tax on you the consumer. By its very nature business must pass on its costs in order to remain in business, all of its costs, taxes […]

Letter to the Editor: Vote ‘yes’ on school millage

I would like to ask the community to consider voting “YES” for the RENEWAL of the non-homestead millage proposal for the Oxford school district, which will appear on the Nov. 8 ballot. Here are some facts for your consideration: * The current millage is set to expire December 31, 2016. * Without the renewal, Oxford […]

Teachers union endorses school board candidates

Based on the school board candidate forum held at Boulder Pointe on Thursday evening, the Oxford Education Association (OEA) is endorsing four candidates for three open positions. Recommendations are based on each candidate’s verbal and written responses to questions about a variety of topics. Each of the five candidates in attendance was very well-spoken and […]

Ex-mgr. continues criticism of OCTV

Oxford Township receives $285,000 in PEG and franchise fees annually from Charter and AT&T. These monies are not ear-marked and are available for public use. To avoid privatization attempts, the board quickly passed a motion to continue supporting Oxford Community Television (OCTV). Public access TV is no longer relevant in today’s digital world. Additionally, OCTV […]

Welcome back, students! Bring your best

School Zone: A Column by Oxford Supt. Tim Throne Every employee of Team O hopes that students and families alike had a great summer! While some of you were lounging on the beach and perfecting your tans, there were many busy at work here this summer at OCS in anticipation of the students’ return on […]

Posse produced two successful events

Wow! Two amazing and successful events held back to back; our fundraising dinner with President Lincoln the evening of Friday, Aug. 5 followed promptly the next day by Oxford’s signature event – The Oxford Lone Ranger Parade and Festival. The Lone Ranger Posse is proud and pleased at the great success as evidenced by how […]

Democratic candidate expresses frustration with GOP politicians

I read in the Detroit Free Press last week the endorsements for the 46th district state representative position and, although how they mentioned me was quite normal (which I’ll get into later), what really shocked me was how they portrayed candidate John Reilly. First, they called him a Zealot and then proceeded to attach him […]