Lib. board member says vote ‘yes’

Dear Editor, I begin my letter with transparency. I am the newest member of the Oxford Library Board of Trustees, having been elected last November. I am also a recently retired librarian after serving more than 40 years in 3 public libraries, 2 university libraries, and 2 corporate libraries, thanks to my husband getting transferred […]

These kids want an expanded library

These kids want an expanded library

Dear Oxford Leader, I’ve been going to the Oxford Public Library since I moved here (6yrs) and now I am 7 yrs old! I know the kids like me should be able to read more books and have space to do so. And some people don’t have resources to use. And I’ve got to 1,000 […]

Reasons why she is going to vote ‘yes’ for the library bond

Dear Editor, Please Vote YES on the Library Bond. The importance of a library that can service the community in which it resides has been proven repeatedly through time. Now, more than ever, libraries are a necessary part of a flourishing community. Commonly referred to as a “third place,” libraries offer a location where a […]

Come on Oxford, we can do better

Dear Editor, Yesterday I had a conversation with a Lake Orion High School band parent. She told me that following the Wildcats defeat of the Dragons last Friday evening, students from Oxford High taunted Lake Orion parents and students as they exited the game, getting in their faces and dropping “f-bombs” right and left. This […]

Please sir, get with it!

Dear Editor, The comment from the WW II Vet (President Biden blames everyone but himself, published on Sept. 8) is a bit off track. So sorry for the loss of life for sure, but the comment clearly lost track of the facts. This isn’t a Trump vs. Biden issue. Please sir, get with it! Kevin […]

We thank you for your service

Dear Editor, Our message to the thousands of War on Terror heroes should be, “You did your duty and accomplished your mission. We thank you for your service and honor you as victors.” The fact there was never a repeat of Sept.11, 2001 is proof that our troops and their sacrifices won the war in […]

President Biden blames everyone but himself

Dear Editor, Twelve Marines and a Navy Corpsman died at the Kabul Airport because our nation’s top leadership – from the president to his entire top leadership team – failed them. “The buck stops with me,” President Joe Biden read from a teleprompter at his recent press conference. Then he blamed everyone else for his […]

In response to two letters to the editor

Dear Editor, I was going to send my response to you last week about the Jennifer Hart letter to the editor, but did not. I am glad that I did not because I want to add something more because of this last week’s issue. Letter writer Jay Taylor you are right on. I am sure […]

‘Unprofessional behavior must stop’

Dear Editor, Residents from Oxford, Lake Orion, Brandon Township, Troy, and other cities in Oakland County have been trying to get the attention of the County Board of Commissioners for nearly four months. They are looking for support to end medical discrimination in the county. Beginning in May, hundreds of residents have participated in Commission […]