Clear Lake presented Blue Ribbon

‘You are the coolest,? said State Board of Education President Kathleen Straus. ‘You are the best.?
These sentiments, and many similar, are a beautiful reflection of the thoughts and opinions of all those in attendance for the Clear Lake Elementary Michigan Blue Ribbon Exemplary School Award Presentation Ceremony.
‘We have a one in a life time ceremony happening,? said Principal Jim Schwarz.
Many notable officials and friends attended the event to wish the administration, staff, teachers, parents and students of the school their heartfelt admiration and congratulations.
The Blue Ribbon ceremony opened up with an address from Superintendent Virginia Brennan-Kyro. ‘I just have to say, to the staff of Clear Lake – I always knew you’d get what’s coming to you,? she laughed. ‘We are all certainly privileged to share in the singular pride that this brings.?
And every Clear Lake student attending the event displayed that pride by wearing specially designed Blue Ribbon t-shirts.
Several select students also gave special presentations for those in attendance. The Super Singers sang I Believe I Can Fly and Choices (We Are American) to the delight of the audience. An array of students participated in the ‘Clear Lake Road Trip,? where they guided guests through the virtual roadways of Clear Lake Elementary to see the teachers, lessons and students of every grade. Still another group of students gave everyone a ‘behind-the-scenes? look into the lives and workdays of the Clear Lake teachers, principal, custodians and parents.
‘Our students should stand very, very proud for what they’ve achieved for our school,? said Schwarz during his address. ‘Our teachers are outstanding …We have a wonderful blend of staff, students and families that has brought us to where we are today.?
The school received several proclamations and tributes from government officials including U.S. Senators Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow, U.S. Representative Michael Rogers, and a tribute from Governor Jennifer Granholm, Lt. Governor John Cherry and State Senator Mike Bishop.
Michigan State Board of Education President Straus presented Schwarz with the official Michigan Blue Ribbon Exemplary School plaque at the end of the ceremony. She explained that the award is in the shape of a flame in order to show that Clear Lake ‘lights the way for the rest of the state.?
Schwarz emphasized in his closing remarks that the Blue Ribbon award is not the ‘mark of a snapshot in time,? but is representative of ‘our work over the years.?
A team composed of Peggy Mueller, Liz Nowakowski, Michele Pinelli, Suzanne Rosevelt, James Schwarz, Jean Swartzmiller and Sue Teague spent the past two years gathering and organizing information from the past five years to apply for this honor. The group put in over 600 man-hours on the project. ‘We wish to thank our entire Clear Lake community for this honor,? he ended. ‘We could only do this together.?