Come on Oxford, we can do better

Dear Editor,
Yesterday I had a conversation with a Lake Orion High School band parent. She told me that following the Wildcats defeat of the Dragons last Friday evening, students from Oxford High taunted Lake Orion parents and students as they exited the game, getting in their faces and dropping “f-bombs” right and left.
This is unacceptable.
As a proud Oxford native, I am appalled people from my hometown would abuse these Lake Orion fans. Oxford is NOT some backwater town where such behavior is expected. Students should be taught by their parents and school staff to display good sportsmanship when winning or losing. There were young children and grandparents present and who were exposed to this aggressive vulgarity.
My father, Joe Bullen, served on the Oxford Village Council for years and would be shocked if I told him about this. I should never feel the need to defend the good people of Oxford and I hope these students are the exception rather than the rule for Oxford High students. Let’s do better next time.
Greg Bullen
Lake Orion

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