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Dear Editor
The library board and director Bryan Cloutier are planning a special election for the $9.1 million expansion plan that has already been rejected by the voters. The last three library proposals have failed. Why are they disrespecting the voters’ wishes?
They claim they need more meeting rooms for the scouting organizations and homeowners associations. The Oxford schools make their facilities that we already pay for available for these types of activities. They say they need more space for the programs they now offer. How many times have you not been able to attend an event at the library due to lack of space?
I believe we have a great, well run library now but the expansion plan is extravagant and unnecessary.
With the cost of everything rising and with many of our citizens negatively impacted by the shutdown of the economy, we should not be burdened with any additional taxes.
If you believe that this plan is extravagant and not needed, come to the Library board meeting at 530 Pontiac Street on Wednesday, July 21 at 7 pm. to express your concerns.
Tom Hoover

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