Condo couple likes Legacy

We applaud Legacy 925 for their improvement of the Oxford community.

The businesses inside 925 have provided to our youth activities to get our young residents up off the couch to exercise their bodies, learn or improve a skill or activity and to instill a healthy purpose in their lives. We, too, are residents of the Stony Lake condominiums next door to 925 and also appreciate the exterior improvements made to the abondoned Sea Ray building. We enjoy the outside artwork and new paint on the building, along with the new landscaping.

There seems to be a continuous struggle between the local boards and Legacy 925 noted in the Oxford Leader regularly.

While I appreciate rules/processes need to be followed for licensing, etc., let’s work together to provide a positive influence for Oxford and nearby communities. It’s the trickle-down effect bringing in additional businesses for our local merchants… a win-win for all involved.

Thank you, Legacy 925 vendors for providing a healthy alternative to our future leaders, getting them away from their electronics and out in the world with real people exercising their bodies and minds. If the crowded parking lots are any indication, the parents appreciate you also.

Bill and Linda Bouck

Oxford Township


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