COVID changed Thanksgiving

By Amanda Wayne
Leader Student Contributor
Traditions are essential to families especially holiday traditions. And, according to a number of local students, this year has thrown a curve ball to many of those traditions.
Oxford Senior Rachel Parrell said COVID-19 changed her family’s traditions. So, far she and her family has handled the changes well.
Although, she did not get to go to Chicago this past Thanksgiving to visit her father’s side, she was able to spend Thanksgiving with her immediate family.
Another student whose traditions changed on Thanksgiving was Daniel Strzelecki . Daniel is a senior this year and studying online. He is very thankful his family still has their jobs and staying healthy. His family traditions before the pandemic consisted of the whole family — aunts, uncles, cousins — all get together for talking and gaming. This year, he stayed home and ate with just his parents, and siblings.
Cory Goin, a homeschooled senior, had similar answers to Daniel. Cory used to spend time with the extended family on Thanksgiving by eating at the table together, playing games and fun. To stay away from COVID they didn’t do that. Cory and his family are all still working during this pandemic so nothing has really changed through these months, but his immediate family was all who got together for Thanksgiving.
Christmas is around the corner and we will see what local traditions will stay the same, or if like Thanksgiving, tradition will change.

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