COVID Update

Each week since April 13, The Leader has reported our community’s COVID-19 statistics as shared by Oakland County. The County provides a breakdown of how the virus has touched us all by ZIP code. We concenrate on three local ZIPs: 48367 (Leonard and eastern Addison Township); 48370, the western side of Addison; and 48371, Oxford Township and Village. The number of deaths in our community has remained at five. The number of cases from May 25 has grown from 87 total COVID cases to 110 on July 19.
* * *
48367: There has been one death and 14 cases (2 new cases in the last 30 days).
48370: There has been six cases and one death. No new cases in the last 30 days.
48371: 90 total cases, three deaths and 12 cases reported in the last 30 days.

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