Deputy Reports

By Teddy Rydquist

Leader Staff Writer

Thanksgiving incident could result in warrant

A 44-year-old Oxford woman and her sister reported an incident to authorities on Nov. 29 shortly before 3 p.m.
According to the pair, a Thanksgiving incident at the woman’s house the night before turned heated following an overflowing coffee mishap.
The woman’s husband of 15 years, a 41-year-old Oxford man, allegedly became verbally abusive toward his wife. Following a continued discussion with his wife’s father and brothers, the man produced a handgun later in the evening, according to the sisters. Leaving the house fearing for their safety, the woman and the couple’s three children spent the night at her sister’s house. The woman’s husband came to this residence, as well, but left without any incident.
All parties involved admitted to consuming alcohol and deputies were able to obtain thorough accounts of the evening from everyone. A report of the incident has been sent to the prosecutor’s office for review and the potential issuance of a warrant for aggravated/felonious assault.
The handgun was properly registered and has been owned by the woman’s husband for “several years.”

Lake Orion woman cited for shoplifting at Meijer
A 30-year-old Lake Orion woman was cited for retail fraud at the Oxford Meijer on Nov. 24. Witnessed by a Loss Prevention Officer, the woman concealed two Puma athletic hooded sweatshirts in a trash bin she had purchased. Totaling $56, the sweatshirts were valued at $28 each. Admitting to not having purchased the items when questioned, a background check of the woman revealed a previous warrant for retail fraud from a 2014 incident. Cited for another count of retail fraud, the woman was released on scene after returning the unpurchased items.

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