Despite bad weather, ‘Walk and Roll? raises big funds, support

This year’s SCAMP Walk and Roll, despite cold temperatures and occasional rain showers, raised more than $15,000 for the organization, thanks in part to the large turnout at Depot Park on May 2.
‘There were so many people there, it was heartwarming,? Donna Clancy, director of fund-raising for SCAMP, said. ‘It was freezing and we were frozen to the bone, but it was unreal.?
Sandra Pastor and her family came out to the event to help support a cause close to their hearts.
‘My granddaughter used to go to SCAMP,? Pastor said. ‘She died 18 years ago, but this is still something special.?
The total for pledges and donations won’t be finalized for another two weeks as individuals who weren’t able to make it to the event, because of the inclement weather, are still encouraged to turn in pledge sheets, according to Mary Jo Smith, SCAMP executive assistant.
‘A lot of people who didn’t come because of the weather will still turn in pledge sheets,? Smith said.
The organization is hoping for more pledges to come in by May 14.
‘It was so heartwarming to see the entire town of Clarkston come out and support SCAMP,? Clancy said. ‘Everyone was there.?
The Walk and Roll is just the beginning of SCAMP-related activities this season. The 22nd annual home tour is schedule for June 5-6 and plans are underway for a new event: a rummage sale held by Clarkston Community School bus drivers.
‘They (drivers) get to be real close with them, the scampers,? Clancy said.