Did global warming ‘fantasy’ contribute to natural gas situation?

All of the happy talk with Patty Poppy of Consumers  Energy regarding the cooperation and sacrifice of the Big Three, other institutions and the tens of thousands of homeowners who turned down their thermostats on Wednesday night is fun and appropriate.

But let us remember that all of the major public utilities have committed and spent millions on solving the fantasy of global warming. In addition, these same companies have also expended millions on boasting about their programs to clear the air of that evil poison carbon dioxide, which we all exhale to stay alive.

The question, then, is: How large a factor, if any, did these misplaced priorities contribute to the near disaster of possibly needing to cut off natural gas service to thousands of Michigan homeowners?

Further, will Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s investigation into the disaster ask that politically incorrect question of our public utilities?

John Todd

Oxford Township

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