Dogs taking to the trail to train

Members of the Great Dogs in Action class line up along the Polly Ann Trail. Being along the trail adds the extra dynamic of random people into the training environment. Photo by D. Vaglia

By Dean Vaglia
Leader Staff Writer
Classmates and clients of Canine Academy’s “Great Dogs” program took to the Polly Ann Trail the other Tuesday evening for an enhanced training experience.
“‘Great Dogs in Action’ outings … are offered to our advanced students and their dogs to attend group outings where we train in public settings,” Lisa Farlin, owner of Canine Academy, said.
At around 6:30 on Sept. 28, clients and canines met up at the Frosty Boy before trekking up to the trail itself. From there Farlin led the class through several demonstrations regarding how to handle dogs when someone approaches them or when they approach someone. After going through several scenarios, the class went southbound along the trail to put their lessons to the test.
“(Trails) are a great opportunity for folks to get their dogs out and enjoy nature and the walk itself,” Farlin said. “But it also gives us an opportunity to compete and override the distraction of joggers and bicyclists and other people with their dog. It’s just a nice setting for our long walk where we can get some good coaching and have some good exposure.”
Along with outings in Oxford, ‘Great Dogs in Action’ outings take place all throughout Oakland County. Other locations include downtown Rochester, the Paint Creek Trail and Canterbury Village. Outings are held year round and happen around once or twice a week, according to Farlin.

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