Donation adds land to Addison park

Residents of Addison Township can look forward to an expansion of Watershed Preserve Park thanks to a donation from James Fitzpatrick, of Lake Orion.

Fitzpatrick sold his property, which is next to the park, to the township at a greatly reduced rate.

The 2.5-acre site is located on the west end of Haven Rd. and overlooks Loon Lake.

It was valued at $60,000.

Fitzpatrick absorbed $45,000 of the cost, allowing the township to purchase the land for $15,000.

“I fish there and loved the property, and I’m just hoping it will allow greater use (of the lake and park by) people in the township,” Fitzpatrick said.

Township Supervisor Bruce Pearson said the property will give residents more access to the lake and help prevent the neighboring private property from encroachment on the park.

“It will really add to the park and help keep it pristine and open to the public,” Pearson said. “It’s nice to know that the park will be there forever. Any time a donation like this comes along, we’re sincerely grateful for it.”

The township plans to add a wheelchair accessible dock and pathway to the site, according to the supervisor.

Watershed Preserve serves as a public park and as an unspoiled habitat for a variety of plants and wildlife. The lakes and wetlands within the 229-acre park also recharge the township’s groundwater aquifer.


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