Ex-mgr. continues criticism of OCTV

Oxford Township receives $285,000 in PEG and franchise fees annually from Charter and AT&T.

These monies are not ear-marked and are available for public use.

To avoid privatization attempts, the board quickly passed a motion to continue supporting Oxford Community Television (OCTV).

Public access TV is no longer relevant in today’s digital world.

Additionally, OCTV has hardly any viewers and has virtually no public participation any more. Instead of wasting this money supporting a useless service, divert it in the direction of park renovations.

Why raise taxes on community residents when the money is already available? This is no-brainer! And the bill will be paid off within seven years instead of lingering for 10 with a bond.

Ken LaPlace

PVN-TV, Inc.

Brandon Township

Editor’s Note:

LaPlace served as OCTV manager from July 2012 until the cable commission voted to fire him in July 2013.

One Response to "Ex-mgr. continues criticism of OCTV"

  1. Phil Castonia   October 12, 2016 at 5:07 pm

    It is a shame Ken still is holding onto the idea that Oxford has any interest in using his services, maybe he should lobby Brandon Township to hire him. It is clear that he does not live in or relate to Oxford very well. I will say Oxford does want and appreciate their public access TV. Mr LaPlace please drop it and move on.


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